Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I caught this bad boy on the Hams Fork near Kemmerrer, Wyoming in june. We were up there on business and had a little time to sneak off to the river. We didn't even have our fly fishing gear, just our spinning rods, but I'd say they got the job done. This brown was estimated at over 25" and weighed between about 5 lbs. definitely my best Brown ever, the colors were amazing, plus it has the hook jaw going on.

Believe it or not, I caught this fish right before I caught the big one. In fact the big one was my very next cast after relaesing this beauty. It was a female, about 20", and weighed a good 3.5 lbs.


Mike D said...

Randy, I am liking what you are putting together here. mikedwdrift@gmail.com . I am Joy Fleming's husband by the way.

Mike D said...

Also, next time you do the Madison, let me know. I will put you into some better sections. I lived up there two summers. I will post from our August trip with the patterns as well.