Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Up close and personal

Spent a few days on the weber this week testing some paterns. Ive been using a grey soft hackle size 14 and 16 instead of a sow. It seems that this week at least they are just as effective. Enjoy the shots.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strange Spring days on the ogden

We had a heck of a time trying to get free to fish today, finally my mom was going to be home to watch my son. I had my daughter Nelly and Johns boy Skylar with me as we headed out at about 430pm for the ogden. We have a nice nice deep drag in the middle of monroe park that we like to hit. Its very kid friendly. We walked up and i got Sky all ready and showed him where and how to throw his bugs to keep from getting tangled. His third pass through and the indy sank, he set and bang it was "fish on". A nice little rainbow for his first fish of the year on the fly rod. Cool thing is, Sky had seen his dad and i tying up flies so he had tied all his own stuff. The fish took a sow bug that he tied way too big and with no red thread, i think it was gold, cool. He was set so i went up to the next rock threw in and boom, within a few cast ive got a fight on. This fish would not come off the bottom. All said and done i had a nice 15 inch bow to net, he loved him some sow bug too. The strange part was that other than a quick on and off for Sky a while later, that was it. No more fish for you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Couple more from the 7th march, John, Randy, Steve, and Ken were in the group today. Read the next post for the details. These are just a few extra pics that wouldnt go on the post below.

Spring on the weber river

Well we went up to the weber, to one of our new favorite spots, the section just above echo . The favorites are still large soft hackles sz 6-8 and sow bugs grey sz 14-16. Its been warm but today it dropped back to 30 or so and the rainbows which we had been seeing were no where to be found today. But the browns, whites and cutts were here. I caught several nice browns and two cutties. Cutts were smallmaybe 12 inches, but I caught 5 browns over 16 and two were 18. Still looking for a 20 incher upthere. Great day, lots of fun..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weber river in the evening

Fished on the weber today for the last 3 hours of light. Caught all our fish on buggers. The bigger brown hit right at dark and gave me one hell of a fight.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Me and ken went fishin the weber in wanship and I got in to 5 nice trout. all of them took buggers, needless to say it was a lot of fun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A few more from the horseshoe

I caught these 2 browns while fishing with Ken and Randy today in the horseshoe, The smaller of the two went 12 inches and took a bugger and the larger went 15 and took a brown midge pattern.

Horseshoe Canyon on the Weber

We hit the weber today and the Tan Soft Hackle was king, the black and grey midge were second. Randy nailed a nice cutt in a pocket against a cliff, bowslayers best today was a descent brown that fell to the soft hackle. John should have some pics of a few fish as well. We caught tons of small whitefish and cutts. John fished the honey hole and took some nice browns out of it. See you on a river.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nice day to be out fishing.

I decided to take a trek out on the weber today. The fishing was slow, but we were lucky enough to have a pair of bald eagles watch over us as we fished. After a while I finialy landed a 12 inch brown, Man that felt good. I thought its better than going home with nothing. I worked my way up a few more holes and It finaly happend, Big fish on a bugger. He slammed it hard and I knew there was no way he was getting off not this time, then I realized I didnt have a net with me and I started to get a little nervous. At this point all I could see was the tail occationaly breaking the surface of the water. Finaly I broke his spirit and he gave up. He went 23 inches with a big old set of teeth on him. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day on the river. You cant ask for much more than that.

Friday, February 20, 2009

South fork of the ogden

This bow was the catch of the day. He went about 16 inchesbut he was at least 2 pounds, he was so fat. It was a natural, no cut fins, but it must have eaten a rat or something. I caught a second ow much smaller , but it appeared to be natural as well. Olive hairsear 14 rainbows where lovin it in that hole.

We hit the river at about 1030 it took a while to get dialed in but once we did it was on, Hairsear and a grey midge did the trick, i got into a cool rainbow, it was about 16-17 inches but it was so fat. Plenty of browns and whitefish. This is an awsome river but you have to be prepaired for small pocket water. no hugh holes here, but the fish are great. we lost several fish that would have gone 20 inches easily. I could see that river become a regular on our rotation. Great times.

feb 20 on the weber

John and i hit the river around 100 pm today, there was someone in our normal hole so i fished the river below and john fished the opposite side of our hole. I was having a good time catching whitefish in several holes below john but soon our favorite spot opened up. The previos fisher did not have any luck but within 10 minutes i had a sweet brown to net. It went a bit over 20 and was looking really healthy. John landed a few nice browns too as well as white fish and a sucker or two. I was using a soft hackle and stone fly. John was more succesful with the trout on a barber scud. It had a red bead and was tan in color size 18 or so.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The fishing is getting good.

Got out on the weber today and was able to get into some nice fish, this one is a 20 inch cutt that took a #8 black stone. I hooked three other fish on that pattern as well. We tried a few days ago to get into the rainbows up at the inlet to echo but we missed em. our buddy got into them the day before so they are starting to move. Looks like we are also looking at a trip to the green sometime in march, cant wait.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Weber river never lets us down.

Well me and ken hit the weber again this week and she didnt let us down we had a couple of good days up in the canyon, caught some nice fish. Most fish were taking soft hackles but I caught a few on buggers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ken caught this cutbow a few weeks ago, but this time I was with him to get some video for him.

Went to the Hog Hole today and it was very slow, i got into a few suckers and then my luck changed, Took this sweet cutty on a black size 18 midge. SWEET.