Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nice day to be out fishing.

I decided to take a trek out on the weber today. The fishing was slow, but we were lucky enough to have a pair of bald eagles watch over us as we fished. After a while I finialy landed a 12 inch brown, Man that felt good. I thought its better than going home with nothing. I worked my way up a few more holes and It finaly happend, Big fish on a bugger. He slammed it hard and I knew there was no way he was getting off not this time, then I realized I didnt have a net with me and I started to get a little nervous. At this point all I could see was the tail occationaly breaking the surface of the water. Finaly I broke his spirit and he gave up. He went 23 inches with a big old set of teeth on him. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day on the river. You cant ask for much more than that.

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