Friday, February 20, 2009

South fork of the ogden

This bow was the catch of the day. He went about 16 inchesbut he was at least 2 pounds, he was so fat. It was a natural, no cut fins, but it must have eaten a rat or something. I caught a second ow much smaller , but it appeared to be natural as well. Olive hairsear 14 rainbows where lovin it in that hole.

We hit the river at about 1030 it took a while to get dialed in but once we did it was on, Hairsear and a grey midge did the trick, i got into a cool rainbow, it was about 16-17 inches but it was so fat. Plenty of browns and whitefish. This is an awsome river but you have to be prepaired for small pocket water. no hugh holes here, but the fish are great. we lost several fish that would have gone 20 inches easily. I could see that river become a regular on our rotation. Great times.

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