Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strange Spring days on the ogden

We had a heck of a time trying to get free to fish today, finally my mom was going to be home to watch my son. I had my daughter Nelly and Johns boy Skylar with me as we headed out at about 430pm for the ogden. We have a nice nice deep drag in the middle of monroe park that we like to hit. Its very kid friendly. We walked up and i got Sky all ready and showed him where and how to throw his bugs to keep from getting tangled. His third pass through and the indy sank, he set and bang it was "fish on". A nice little rainbow for his first fish of the year on the fly rod. Cool thing is, Sky had seen his dad and i tying up flies so he had tied all his own stuff. The fish took a sow bug that he tied way too big and with no red thread, i think it was gold, cool. He was set so i went up to the next rock threw in and boom, within a few cast ive got a fight on. This fish would not come off the bottom. All said and done i had a nice 15 inch bow to net, he loved him some sow bug too. The strange part was that other than a quick on and off for Sky a while later, that was it. No more fish for you.

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