Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Up close and personal

Spent a few days on the weber this week testing some paterns. Ive been using a grey soft hackle size 14 and 16 instead of a sow. It seems that this week at least they are just as effective. Enjoy the shots.


Dave*Ashley*Sloan said...

Howdy fella's -- haven't seen an update for a while, so I hope things are going well and the fish are still biting. I've had a bunch of success on the Middle Provo the last few weeks and would love to send over a few pictures, along w/ where and what I was using -- in hopes to hear what else is going well for you guys. Not sure how to do that though... Thoughts?

softhacke said...

Sorry bro, we are using more now a days, my email is on there, love to hear from you..