Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanks for the Blog

This is a great idea and I am happy to be aboard. I am living in Arizona at the moment, but I make quarterly fishing trips around the country and even get some time to fish for Arizona Bonefish every so often. This year I have fished the Provo, Green, and Madison, but also a few nasty places for big fish in Arizona, see below. I lived in Salt Lake for about ten years and West Yellowstone for two summers. I love to slay trout and other species.
I am hitting the Green in eleven days, yes I am counting down, so I will post when I get back.
Thanks again and hope to see more from you lucky people living in the middle of incredible rivers, you are seriously lucky.

Arrowhead Golf Course Carp

Madison Brown

My Pops

Madison Rainbow

Keeper of the Year


Mike D said...

Randy, send me an email from your regular account. Have some questions for you.

Randy said...

It's Those are some sweet fish. We should plan a trip to the green together sometime.