Thursday, December 11, 2008

24 inch Weber cutt

Pulled this nice cutty out of the weber today, nice. Took a size 20 white lightning midge


Dave and Ashley said...

Howdy fella's -

I'm Dave, and my wife found this site and thought I'd like to take a peek. Impressive, to say the least. I'm an avid fly fisherman and even owned my own shop for almost a decade, so it's nice to find some other guys that are out there fighting the good fight. Anyhow, please keep posting pictures, they're an inspiration! Also, don't be so stingy about where you're going and what you're using -- I haven't been out at all in the last 12 months, so I'm a bit rusty on where/when/what... Any info would be much appreciated!

Stay warm boys.


Tiff and Rand said...
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Randy said...

Any info you need we are happy to share. Our hopes with starting this site was to find and share with flyfishers just like yourself. You might be a little rusty, but with 10 years owning a fly shop, I'm sure you could teach us ALOT. Please pop in frequently, and like I said, ask questions, we'll be glad to point you in the right direction. Sorry if we haven't been specific enough. Our goal is to give guys like us the same opportunity that we've had at big fish. By the way if you want, drop us your email and we can add you to the site. We'd love to see some of your favorite fish pitures.