Wednesday, December 31, 2008

COLD day, HOT fishing!!!

Well we couldn't resist it any longer, we had to hit Weber, regardless of the temps, and it payed off BIG. I think we caught 10 fish in about 45 minutes. Most of the fish were browns, with a few cutts in the mix. And the flies of choice were larger Pheasant tails and and smaller (size 18) midge patterns in white, both larvae, and emergers. My favorite was a little white emerger with a flash tail and flash loop wing, with a clear bead. The midge larvae were similar, just no tail or wing case. With the cold weather they seem to like these. I call them ice midges. Ken did well with similar stuff. But I really think they'll eat about anything presented right. I think another key to fishing right now is finding a nice deep hole where the fish will be stacked in for the winter. Thanks Johhny, for freezing your butt off and taking pictures while we slayed 'em.

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