Friday, December 5, 2008

Streamers Baby!

Today was awesome, we went out with a new friend, Matt Guymon, who taught us the ropes when it comes to streamer fishing. He has a pattern he's been working on for awhile thats been tearing up the browns. We had fun watching them chase us, while we tried to coax them into hitting. We had some real bruisers trail these big articulated streamers. I did manage to get a nice tiger trout and Matt nailed some nice browns, but the biggest fish were just a little leary of smacking em. I think they're just beat down and tired from the spawn. It wasn't a high fish number day, but it was definitely a learning day. Thanks Matt for your lessons, it's much appreciated. I cant wait till these fish get fiesty again!!!


Mike D said...

Nice Pattern. I have seen something like that called a Circus Peanut, I think that is the name. Do you know what is used to connect the two hooks?

Randy said...

Yeah this is a redone circus peanut, by a buddy of ours that been working on it for awhile. It's got more weight added to it, with the deer hair on the head and few minor variations. They're connected with either wire or heavy test fishing line. Just tie the back fly first and run the piece of line folded in half through the eye, then feed the tag ends through the loop and tie those tags into the first hook and into the eyelet. Here's a close look at it, so you can tie some up.